PHP Debugging Remote Server - Please Point Me in The Right Direction!


I am switching to PHP from another launguage that had fully integrated development. I have a LAMP server settup and I am using PHPStorm on my windows desktop. I would like to be able to debug and run from within PHPStorm. The documentation seems to assume that I know more about this that I do, I see that I can setup PHP Remote Debugging from within Storm. I have the ftop project stuff all setup and when I save locally everything moves to the server as it is supposed to. When I go to add the server is says "Failed to execute validation script: Could not read from ..... /_intellij_phpdebug_validator.php because it is not a file".. I have search for this file but suspect there is some setup i need to do on ther server side, but I can't find it anywhere..

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We have two different types of remote debugging:
1) Debugging web server (as described here:
2) Debugging via SSH (

To configure the first type:
1) Delete all servers from PHP|Servers to create new clear configuration.
2) Make sure that option "Can accept external connections" (at PHP|Debug|Xdebug) is enabled
3) Press "Start Listening to Debug Connections" and initiate + reload page at browser
4) If the configuration is correct you'll see dialog "Incomming Connection".
5) (!) Make sure that the path at "File path on server" and the one you've selected at "Select a project or a file to debug" are correct and should be matched(!). It's important because the core Joomla is located out of your project and the first connection may try to debug core Jumpla script. If there's no right path at the list, press "Ignore" and the next "Incomming Connection" dialog would appear (with path to your project files).


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