Automatic upload css file after compile from scss not work

Hello, i use scss for my project. I'm change my scss and Phpstorm automatic compile it into css file. I'm press ctrl+s for auto upload to server, but Phpstorm upload only scss file, not new css. I need to manualy upload new css file on server.

sry for my english, Thx



Make sure to tick the 'Upload external changes' checkbox in Deployment/Options. This option makes PHPStorm upload the files changed by a third-party tool (SASS compiler in your case). See and related topics for more info


Great!! You very help me, thx.



I have the same problem and didn't find a solution after 2 hours. I tried many different configurations.


PhpStorm:     8.0.1

Sass compliler: compass app (standalone program).

No compilation done with phpstorm, no external tools configured.

Upload external changes is checked but only the scss files are uploaded.



I hope you found a solution since January? 

I have the same problem using phpStorm and compiling SASS using npm

Does anyone have a solution for automatic deployment of the output css file?




what do you mean by compiling SASS using npm? To get auto-uploading working, you need to make sure that:

- 'Upload external changes' is enabled in Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment | Options

- the generated CSS is 'seen' by PHPStorm (i.e. it appears in IDE virtual file system as soon as it's created/updated). To ensure this, you need to run the compiler from PHPStorm (via file watchers, grunt/gulp configuration, etc.).


Hi Elena,
thanks for your imediate reply!
I have enabled "Upload external changes"
The compiled css file is overwriting the old css file but this is not uploaded automaticly to the server.
When I go to the file in the project folder make an upload the new version is deployed.

Hope I can make myself clear..



If I go to the files local history I can see the different versions of the css file.

So phpStorm seems to "see" the file changes


@Jon Piguet

If you run your compilation outside of IDE (e.g. "gulp watch" or alike) then you need to tell IDE (in some way) that some files were modified externally.

Usually IDE checks for external changes when you switch between apps (leave/focus IDE window) or some other not-so-often-occurring events. But you can always tell IDE to do such check manually by using "File | Synchronize".

As Elena have already stated -- executing such compilation from within the IDE (e.g. File Watcher .. or running Gulp/Grunt/NPM Script task) will instruct IDE to look for external changes.


Hi Andriy,

I understand. File | Synchronize ist not changing anything. I might try compiling inside phpStorm




O.K. I try to make myself clear.

  • I use gulp and node.js to compile scss to css. This is working properly.
  • I selected "upload changed files automaticly on save"
  • I also selectet Upload external changes

This ist not working: Only when I rightclick on the css file and choose "upload the server xyz" the file is deployed


@Jon Piguet

That is pretty clear with your workflow.

Question is -- IDE should see the changes, especially after manually invoking "File | Synchronize". Why it does not see it?..

Will IDE show new file content when you open such freshly compiled .css?

You need to provide your idea.log (Help | Show Log in XXX) -- it may have some hints (e.g. file system watcher is not running etc).

What OS do you have there?

Side note: if you are using symlinks in your path ... the file system watcher (the tool that looks for external changes) quite likely will not notice changes in such paths (e.g. )


When I look at the local history of the compiled css file it shows the difference to the last file.

I use windows 10. I found the log file. How can I send it to you?


Either share it via DropBox/Google Drive or like ... or (if you want some privacy and do not wish to share any info) -- attach such file to Support ticket ("SUBMIT A REQUEST" link on the top of this page) and support team will have a look into it (add your comments there/link to this thread).

 P.S. I'm not part of JB team


This does not work anymore. I run Grunt and have Automatically upload on save + Upload external changes.

Need to press synchronize button now. Used to work before.


PHPStorm 2017.1.4 on Mac Sierra.


Do you run Grunt externally, or using Grunt tool window/run configuration? What Grunt version do you use?


I run it external by clicking in PHPStorm show grunt tasks and then keep it running inside PHPStorm. I use Grunt version 1.0.1. However I switched now to local working instead of via sFTP.


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