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Cory R wrote:

Well... if anybody is looking for a simple example problem I have an
idea :).

A few months ago I was asking about changing the default line endings
that the built-in CVS stuff uses to match my cygwin environment
(obviously I'm running on Windows). Right now I either have to do all my
CVS stuff from the command line or from IDEA. I can't switch between
them due to the different line endings used by each. I was told that I
could write a simple plugin that would change a single property that
controls line endings in IDEA. I spent a wee bit of time trying to
figure this out, but got nowhere.

If somebody were to figure this out, I for one would learn something.

You can configure cygwin to use DOS line endings, which might be a
better general purpose solution.

On google i found http://www.gigascale.org/softdevel/faq/23.html which
seems to talk about it in the context of CVS.



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