Hightlighting Level

Is there any way to set default Hightlighting level?
I know Hightlighting is one of IDEA's nice feature, though, it seems CPU-intensive. When working on slow machine, I want to turn it off(means set it 'None' to all files).
Is this doable, or any workaround?

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I use IntelliJ 5.x and if I click on the little dude in the bottom status bar (right next to heap memory usage) I get an option to move highlighting to none via a slider.

I think that has been there since th 4.x days but not totally sure.

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you may certainly disable the on-the-fly code parsing - as suggested above. However, most likely, the problem is that your files are way too large and contain to many dependencies. That is guaranteed to come back to haunt you over and over again, and you are risking to waste more time on maintaining your code than you will ever waste on waiting for the sluggish editor to come back to life. It is always a good programming practice to keep your classes clean and simple. And, yes, it is always possible, no matter what some people say. You may want to consider refactoring... ;)


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