Starting with EJB 3 ?

I am currently starting an EJB3 project. Is there any support for that in
Demetra (5162 or coming soon)?
I've never used Idea's J2EE features yet and am really just learning J2EE
in general , so I am having a hard time checking which features in Idea belong
to EJB 2.1 and which ones may be new.

As far as I understand the current situation in Idea I would be best of
creating a plain Java module and ignoring any special Enterprise features.
What also baffled me is that there is not a single free app server supported,
no jboss, no geronimo, no glassfish, no JOnAS, no nothing.
I know that there is a JBoss plugin with strong, continous support from Martin
Fuhrer. However that does not include EJB 3 support either (and besides I think
JBoss support should be in Idea itself).

I am on the edge of switching to NetBeans for the EJB Development and Java Studio
Creator for the JSF frontend.

So any news or a rough time line for EJB 3 and/or JSF in Demetra EAP?
I am willing to live with beta quality here, and can probably give valuable

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You can already use the EJB 3 & JSF features by creating EJB module with
version 3 and using JSF in any web modules.


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