Jetty integration?

I've searched these forums and found references to jetty, but I didn't find any answers.

Has anyone successfully set up jetty with IDEA such that it's possible to debug applications? I can't find any reference to jsr45 on the jetty site, so I don't know if jetty complies with it or not.

If it's not possible then does jboss integration work? If not then I assume that I'll need to use tomcat?

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I recommend you to give JBoss a try. For a first start please look here:

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Using Jetty (5.1.5) for debugging Web applications is simple and fast. Just set up Jetty as a normal java application and you are done:
Include a library in your (Web) module that points to jetty (Classes: ../jetty/start.jar, optional Sources: ../jetty/src).
Run/Debug Configurations: type 'Application', Main class: org.mortbay.start.Main, Program parameters etc/jetty.xml, Working directory: ../jetty, Use classpath and jdk of module: your (web) module.
Youe can run/debug this configuration just as any standalone java application.

Happy debugging, Andreas


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