Autocroll from source not working in Webstorm

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post a Webstorm support question (first time here :).

I have just one JS file and the "Structure" Window open side by side.

In the Structure window i have "Autoscroll to Source", which works fine (I click on a method on the Structure and the editor scrolls to that method, etc).

However, the "Autoscroll from Source" doesn't seem to work: whatever i click on the editor doesn't change anything in the Structure window.
Am i understanding the meaning of "Autoscroll from source" wrongly, or how to get it to work?


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What's your exact version of the IDE? Can you provide the Help | About screenshot?
I can not reproduce the issue - "Autoscroll from suorce" work as expected, but maybe a little bit slow.

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Thanks for your fast answer. Attached the version screenshot.

I now tested realized that after a restart "Autocroll from source" is working as expected! I had kept WS open for some time and kept editing code, so probably after a while the structure gets out of sync with the code and autoscroll stops working (even if I had not noticed any "issue" with the structure tree, although cannot be forgotten...).
So now i tend to believe that the real issue is WEB-767 and perhaps some "degradation" of the "code understanding" while editing.


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