Port 1115/UDP and Norton AV

Norton is driving me nuts when IntelliJ is up. I keep getting Security Alert messages being sent out on port 9876 to port 1115/UDP. I think the problem is that I have two NICs in the machine, one for each processor. I am going to guess that IntelliJ is transmitting on one IP address and receiving on the other and Norton is stepping in. Does IntelliJ have some sort of copyright scheme that is generating these messages? Is there a way to shut it off? Norton does not have an option for "Block Always", just "Permit" and "Block".

Thank you.


Under Norton's "Internet Worm Protection" I created a general rule called "IntelliJ License Check" that blocks UDP on local and remote, ports 1115 and 9876. Probably could trim the rule down a little, but the annoying message is gone. Yeah!


Alas, I was wrong. The message is still not gone. Forgot to post that the above is not a solution.


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