JavaScript debug in authorized zone

I'm trying to debug javascript on the page that has js-code both in files and "inline". "Inline" code is embedded in HTML generated "on-fly".
That case is working normally only when the debugged page is not in authorized zone. (In other word, in case when content of page doesn't depend on cookie). If page is visible only to logged user, IDE doesn't pass cookie to server during debugging, so I can't see real code of page in editor. And thus can't debug js embedded in this page.

Is it possible to make IDE to pass cookie to server?

Situation takes place in WebStorm 8 and PhpStorm 8 both. OS is Windows 7, Chrome browser.

Thanx in advance!

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Do you mean that IDE tries to download page over HTTP but without cookies (from Google Chrome)?

I think it is wrong way — please try to open Scripts tab and select in the context menu of corresponding script "Open Actual Source". Does it work for you? Do you see correct script code? You cannot debug it now (cannot set breakpoint), but it could be fixed.


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