Can't authenticate to SVN on Webstorm...

When I try to browse in the SVN folder respository, it asks me to authenticate, which I do with the good credentials, but it will not work. When I click on "Ok", the box just reappears and asks me to enter my credentials again.
I know it's the good credentials, because I can log in in command line or just using tortoise SVN.

I am using the latest webstorm version
My SVN repo looks something like that: svn+ssh://hostname/usr/local/svn/repos/web

These are my Settings -> Version Control -> Subversion.
Use command line client: svn
Use systeme default Subversion config directory
SSL Protocol is SSLv3
SSH Settings is set to  Subversion config

Thanks for the help ! :)

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Does it work from terminal? So far looks like a known issue:


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