Access to EAP releases now blocked by Websense

I tried to get the 661 build this morning and was promptly met with the following:


Access to this web page is restricted at this time.
The Websense category "Lingerie & Swimsuit" is filtered.
URL: ... (url to get EAP 661)

I am not sure if the akamai DL link is protected, so I am not posting it.

I filled out the form requesting that a URL be allowed, we'll see how long this takes.

And I in no way blame Akamai or Intellij/JetBrains for this one. Our company actually chose to use Websense, it's our own fault.

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The Websense category "Lingerie & Swimsuit" is filtered.

You probably got this because of the easter egg they added in build 661 ;)


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