emulate the ctrl + click on the shortcut of file code

Hello JetBrains,

I want use my keyboard always as possible.
In this case I want to navigate into a file shortcut declared in my script file.

This action run correctly with CTRL + click(mouse) on the file name for enter into this but how can do that with only my keyboard ?

I don't find a shortcut for this in my keymap list settings.

Thank for your support.

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Hi there,

Navigate | Declaration -- usually Ctrl+Click is one of the shortcuts assigned to this action.

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mmm OK it's CTRL + B for me (I don't know if this is standard config).

Thank Andriy for your support

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Yes, it's default shortcut in most keymaps (Windows/Linux)

You can change it to any other better shortcut at "Settings | Keymap" ("Settings | Appearance & Behaviour | Keymap" as of v8.0.2) -- just make your own keymap first as bundled ones are read-only.


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