Debug remote server with sourcemaps

Hi all,

I apologize if this has already been answered but I didn't find anything that seemed to match what I needed.

I have a folder structure similar to the following:

project folder/
     public/ <--- server root

All the files in the build folder are created through gulp commands, not through webstorm.

I am able to generate sourcemaps when I build that properly refer to files and when I debug in webstorm it is able to find the file when I click on a debug message stacktrace. However, none of my breakpoints are being hit in the sourcemapped files. However, I can put a breakpoint in the build/public/app.js and it is hit just fine (which isn't very useful given the minified and concatted nature of those build artifacts). Is there a way to get the breakpoints in the sourcemapped files to be hit?

Thanks in advance!

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