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I recently migrate from PHPStorm 7 to 8.

The git log panel, where PHPStorm lists all the last commits with a git diagram of the branches, has changed and is less usefull in my opinion. I do not like the green and violet colors of the branches, neither all the breaks of the lines of the branchs, neither the arrow that stop the line. I am not able to follow the history of a branch.

I would like to use my old PHPStorm 7, but the changes has also affect this version???

Because of that, I do not use this panel anymore and use instead the git log command. sad...

So, is it possible to change the visual aspect of the lines of the branch? I would have get back the old panel.

I do not find anything in the doc:

Or maybe there is a good plugin for that?

thanks you!

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Version 8 can't affect version 7 appearance.

There is no any plugins that change our VCS window apperance and there is no visual settings to tweak.

If you feel view may be broken for you, you can file bug at


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