Path variables replaced by MODULE_DIR in iml files


New to IntelliJ and I'm butting my head against this problem....

I have a project with multiple iml files, and I'm using path variables to denote the source root and library root for the project as a whole. I created path variables as follows:
source_root = C:\Work\src
lib_root = C:\Work\src\lib
The .ipr and .iml files are in C:\Work\projects

I created .iml files based on these, and everything worked fine. Recently, we changed the arrangement of our code/libs in our repository, moving the lib directory to be parallel to source. I changed my path variables as follows:
source_root = C:\Work\src
lib_root = C:\Work\lib

Now, if I re-open a project that uses these modules, the .iml file changes from this:
to this:

Any thoughts as to why this happens? I've tried using both an absolute and a relative path for files outside the project dir - no effect. Is there some other setting that I'm unaware of?

Thanks in advance....

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