Webstorm flag non-modified files as modified (Git) when line separator has changed or file has been regenerated (less)

I have an issue using webstorm with Git VCS.

It basically flag files that haven't modified in two different cases:

  • When the file has been regenerated by my LESS file watcher (for unknown reason), the content hasn't changed, it is exactly the same as before.
  • When the lne separator has changed, because LESS use always LF for generated .css, whatever the line separator of the source file (less) is.

I've added a screenshot.

I don't understand why these files are flag as modified, it messes up my git because it cannot commit them and it messes up the project tree with files to commit (blue) that aren't modified. It's boring and recurrent in my projects.

Here is what I get with a `git status` command line:
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/alignment.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/badges.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/base.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/buttons.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/datatables.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/float.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/forms.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/panels.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/common/text.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/devices/layouts/devices_default.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/layouts/default.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/themes/ayolan.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/views/chart.css
        modifié :         assets/linker/styles/views/home.css

So, I don't know if it's related to git or webstorm here. Any workaround?

2014-11-14 14_30_33.png

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