commander window tool -- whats good for?

hi there,

this window tool seems to me sooo awkward, the stuff it pretends to do i can do them even quicker some other way..

so, i'm just wondering does any1 use it at all? for myself, i'd very much like to be able to remove it, is there any way i can do that?

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The standard answer to that is that the commander is better than other methods for moving multiple files between classes, and that some users do that sort of thing all the time. The rest of the users pretty much don't buy that answer, and ignore the commander window completely.

There's no way to remove the commander window from the application, but you can remove all of the tool window bars (under Settings/Appearance), and then you'll never have to see it again (and also free up a lot of screen real-estate).

--Dave Griffith


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