Build 661 does not work with jdk1.4.1_01

According to the install.txt file: "..1.4.0_01 or greater".

Idea provides an error message at startup using 1.4.1_01 and does not let the app open.


Well, the informations in the install.txt file are indeed somewhat outdated.

But it is clearly stated on the downloads side and pretty much discussed here in the forums, that since build 657 Idea requires its own jre 1.4.1. You can download this jre from the downloads site or build your own following the instructions that have been posted here at least four times.

You are then free to choose your target jdk in the project properties dialog. From my experience, this does work well with jdk1.4.1.



Sorry, I meant to say, it works well with jdk1.4.1_01 ...


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