all files display corrupt

Hi My webstorm broke. all my files look like this

I shutdown and restarted, but same problem. can't work like this. any ideas?


I already did a invalidate and restart. did not help.

Please check what font are you using here: File | Settings (Preferences for Mac OS) | Editor | Colors&Fonts | Font.

It's strongly not recommended to overwrite default fonts.


did not touch fonts. guess it's just a bug. had to export my settings uninstall and reinstall to fix. reimporting my setting didn't reintroduce the problem



the problem happened again when I did the same search

basically when I search my project for the word "fake" the whole app goes bonkers. all the files display as if they are corrupt again. and restart doesn't help. I need to uninstall and reinstall again?!

please fix this!

The file  was pretty big (4K lines) but after it corrupts your app, when even if I close all files and open a small css or html file the display is still garbled.


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