Project View file names discrepencies


I have the following problem with Webstorm IDE:
Some of the resources files (png pics with icons) for jquery ui icons and widgets are showing with different names in webstorm than in the explorer.
This causes when I debug the html file with the IDE I get 404 file not found error for these files, and If i just open the html in a browser - there is no such error and everything runs order to help me!

Please refer to the attached printscreens for more details and ask more questions if you need in order to help.

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I have tested the same project on a licensed version of WebStorm and it works perfectly!
Is it possible to have this bug because it is a trial version?

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Hi there,

Is it possible to have this bug because it is a trial version?

Definitely not.

Have you tried "File | Synchronize" ? Right now it looks like IDE is unaware of the latest changes in file system and that action should help here.

If still nothing: "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE.

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Yes, I think you are 100% right.

I haven't tried that and now it is working flawlessly!

Thank you for your help!


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