[#660] Erratic cursor movement

Using build 660 on WinXP Professional

I have noticed in build 657 and now 660 that the cursor jumps around erratically at unpredictable times. Here are some of the symptoms I have seen:

  • If I have folded everything in my Java file using and start typing a new method, everything un-folds when I hit the enter key

  • When I am just typing in my Java file and not really watching I'll suddenly notice that the cursor has moved off (I think after I hit the backspace key) to some place totally disconnected. I had noticed this bug a long long time ago. It seems to have re-surfaced.

Don't know if anyone else has seen such behavior.


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Here's another easily reproducible scenario.

1. Open two Java files
2. Position the cursor anywhere inside a method in file-1
3. Select the tab for file-2
4. Select the tab for file-1

You'll find that the cursor jumps to the position before the name of the method in file-1 in which it was located. The screen will jump if the start of the method was out of view.



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