code completion issues

I use the latest version of webstorm 9.

1, I don't know how to get autocompletion at dependency injection for AngularJS.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.45.35 PM.png

2, My other question would be, is it possible to list the direct methods / properties of an object? Instead of listing __defineGetter__ and other things in priority?

3, At yeoman generator-webapp, in index.html there is no clear path for bootstrap.css because it is being injected by grunt-usemin. Altho in settings under bower dependencies webstorm realises there is a bootstrap-sass-official dependency, but still there is no bootstrap code completion at all.

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1. dependency injection support is partially available in 9.0.1 (see, but I'm not sure what completion you expect within a parameters list - you are even not using the array notation (

['$scope', 'dep1', function($scope, dep1){}]) - where should webstorm take parameters names from?

because JS engine doesn't detect object aliasing, completion list contains all existing methods after good variants. You can get smaller number
of candidates if you will press control + shift + enter

3. not sure I follow you... Only selectors from .css files explicitly included in .html via <link> tag are available for completion inside this .html


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