Inspection: Processing external usages of

Does anybody know which offline inspection when run using "inspect -v2" produces the following message?

Processing external usages of <class.member>

Artem Kornilov

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Hello Artem,

AK> Does anybody know which offline inspection when run using "inspect
AK> -v2" produces the following message?
AK> Processing external usages of <class.member>

There are a number of global inspections which can cause this to be printed.
One of them is "Unused declaration" in the "General" group.

Dmitry Jemerov
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Would it be possible to have a more helpful answer to this question? I have disabled "Unused declaration" and am still getting the processing external usages. I would like to have an inspection profile that doesn't trigger external usages checks so I can do it quickly, but I'm not sure what I need to disable.

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I've compared 2018 vs 2019.
Results: 45 seconds vs 22 minutes
Don't you really think that it is really bad result?
"Unused declaration" inspection costs a lot of time.


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