'file cache conflict' on TypeScript files - untenable


I am editing a large TypeScript project in version 9 of WebStorm.

I have a file watcher set up that calls out to tsc.exe, passing in a single build map (ts file) which produces a single JS file from all of my TS files. This process does not affect the original TS files, and only updates one single JS file in a build folder.

When editing the TS files in version 9, and am constantly experiencing a "file cache conflict" warning. These warnings appear as quickly as I can edit a TS file, and is completly untenable to work with.

I have experiemented editing JS files and I do not get this warning, it only appears to be happening on TS files. I have only just upgraded to version 9 from version 8 and I would only occasionaly get this warning (once or twice an hour). I have made no other changes to my environment or setup, so it does appear that this problem has been introduced with version 9 of webstorm.

I observed the modified time stamp on disk of the TS files and noticed that if the modified time is less than the current time then I do not get this problem. The warning only pops up when the modified timestamp becomes the same as the current system timestamp (within the same minute). So as I am typing I will get the constant prompt, which will skip briefly when the system clock moves to the next minute.

To be clear, am I working from my local disk drive and there are no other people or processes editing these files, only me via WebStorm.

The problem does appear to be specific to TypeScript files, and the problem appears to have been introduces with version 9 of WebStorm (despite occasionally noticing it in version 8).

This problem has ground my workflow to a halt, can someone help.

Kind Regards,

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Update. I have moved this into the issue tracker (WEB-13994).

In the mean time, if anyone can suggest a tempory fudge, such as applying "in memory changes" automcatically then it would be much appreciated.


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Some questions:

- Are there any junctions/symlinks in the path to the file?
- Are the "Synchronize  files on frame activation" and "Save files on frame deactivation"  options enabled in the settings?
- Do you have any background software  running that could modify the files? Grunt watch, Gulp, etc.?
- can you check if the problem persists after disabling Typescript file watcher?

Also, please attach your idea.log

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The problem was due to dropbox.

I have turned off dropbox and the problem has gone away.

It still doesn't explain why this only happens for TS files.

It also doesn't explain why this did not happen in version 8 (although we cant rule out the possability that dropbox could have also done a version upgrade at the same time).

This is a shame. I use Git for my team projects, but like the convenience of dropbox for my solo projects. Guess I will have to swap over to Git.

Thanks for the help.


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