WebStorm 9 with Meteor, debug mode setting

I've seen the tutorial and it looks working well but I think I can't get the specific functionality how it is going.

I got confusing how to set up for server side debug and client side together.

I understand when we run the project with Meteor & Live edit options, it automatically start javascript debug console together and it starts the browser plug-in to debug.
At the same time, I can see the other Meteor debugger tab shows trying to connect (I think this is the serverside one) but It couldn't make it.

So my question is I have run Node remote debugger together to debug serverside together??
or I just missed something big one?


This is my setting and debug console snapshots.

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You don't need Node.js Remote Debug run configuration to debug meteor - Meteor run configuration should be enough.
Please also remove the --debug=5858 from your environment variables in meteor run configuration - it is not needed and breaks meteor debugging causing connections problems

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Thanks so much for your reply.

As you said, I removed remote debug port env variable and succeded to connect server side debugger,
but, the break point deosn't attached approprately. (client side works well).

I'm using CoffeeScript and the break point on the CoffeeScript wasn't worked well (I though) in the previous version WebStorm,
so I used to use parsed js files to set the break point in the .meteor/local directory.

But in WebStorm 9, the break point of client side's CoffeeScript file works well always, so I believe this problem wasn't came from the script language differences.

Did I miss something still?

I attached break point status screen shot.


Thanks again for your fast reply.


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