CVS and line endings - Issue

Dear Community;

Is there a way to control CVS's line ending support, under IDEA?

We have a repository that has DOS line endings.
For developer on Unix, everything works fine.
A second developer on Windows keeps creating files that differ on every line (e.g. they get checked in with Unix line endings).

We see no controls for this issue in the IDEA settings.

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One of the developers writes:

I seem to observe that if I make any change to a file, even a temporary one such as add'l log messages, then I can't truly back out, the line separators have been changed and I Must check in. In these cases from now on I will simply kill my version and get a new repository version... this will help in cases where I didn't actually make a change, although not for normal use.

If you can think of any workarounds I'll try to use it!



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