Hierarchical Project Structure

I have a project that looks like this:


AB, AC, AD, and AE are all children of A. Maven 1.X doesn't package test classes, and that is a desired outcome. Therefore, we've moved the test source and output of AB and AC into their own subprojects, ABTest and ACTest respectively.

ACTest is dependent on AC.
AB is dependent on AC.
ABTest is dependent on AB, AC, and ACTest.

I have a top-level IDEA project called A. I can successfully add AB, AC, AD, and AE as modules under A. If I add ABTest or ACTest as modules, it breaks the IDE's inline compilation (ie, it flags all sorts of things as errors), AB and AC.

Strangely, it still compiles properly if I try to rebuild the project. (but still flags errors all over the place).

Do you have any recommendations on what I can do to fix this?

Project/Module files were generated using maven's IDEA plugin. My module dependencies also seem to be setup correctly in IDEA.

I'm using IDEA 5.0.2. I believe this is an actual bug, but I'd like to receive confirmation of this fact.

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Anyone? This is a rather serious issue. I have to remove entire modules from my project that are not dependencies of code that I'm trying to look at, in order to view them properly. It's really rather annoying!


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