Error with ant build and JUnit task in IntelliJ


I seem to be having a very annoying error in IntelliJ. Here are the stats:
- IntelliJ 4.5.1, Build 2239
- Using own version of ant (1.5.1)
- removed junit37.jar from my ant1.5.1/lib dir, and instead added junit version 3.8.1 of junit.jar to that dir
- Specified that same junit.jar in my project classpath (this is the only item in the classpath for my test project)
- is the only class in my project, and it is specified as a JUnitTest in run/debug configurations and includes the classpath and jdk of my project module

When I right-click on my test class, and go to "Run" then my simple test passes. I see the results in the run window.

Here is where the issue lies (and why this is confusing me). When I try to run the same test from my build.xml file in this project, specified with the classpath as the same from my project, and with the following junit task, I get the below error (3 times in a row for whatever reason). If any of you know of a configuration issue that I may be missing, please let me know. It is very frustrating! Thanks a lot, in advance.


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I figured this out... I needed the ]]> tag turned on so I could see the output! D'oh!


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