PhpStorm crashing frequently with Yosemite


I am having endless troubles with PhpStorm while using it with Yosemite. I upgraded to PhpStorm about 5 days before upgrading to Yosemite. After upgrading to Yosemite it started to crsh when I tried to load more than 2-3 projects. Sometimes I could open open up to 5 projects but most of the time only 2 before it crashes.

I have tried completely removing PhpStorm including ALL settings, caches etc.. and reinstalled a clean install, however I am still experiencing crashes. I have also tried increasing the Xmx setting to 4096m.

I am using the standard Apple Java 1.6 and haven't upgraded to java 1.8.

I have attached a crash dump and also the log file.

Please help.


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Hi there,

I upgraded to Java 1.8 and this solved the crashing problems, however the editor is now incredibly slow to respond and slows my entire computer down.

Can you please advise of a fix?



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Unfortunately its typical that after major OS update users get some glitches, but usually they are rooted out by Apple in minor bugfixes.
Apple JDK 1.6 is still recommended way to run IDE, it still has *less* bugs.

So, its either one set of bugs or another, see:


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