How do I enable autocomplete with phpunit.phar?

As you can see from this screenshot, I have phpunit.phar enabled and configured (unit tests do run). However, the IDE is unable to recongize the library for autocomplete:


How do I get autocomplete / type-ahead working with the phar package?

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Hi there,

Ideally it should have been referenced by IDE automatically. But since it is not, you have to do this manually: just either place it inside the project .. or place in some separate folder and add it in "Settings | PHP | Include paths" (the place where you keep it right now it not good as when referencing that folder via aforementioned "Include path" functionality it will include all subfolders as well).

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Ah, adding it manually to the include path worked.

I tried to using the navigator, but it wouldn't display .phar files to add. I see now I needed to manually enter the .phar directly. That works now. Thanks! I have no idea why didn't add automatically? Maybe it had to do with the IDE configured to "auto-add" composer libraries, too?

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Glad that you asked this because I was thinking the same exact thing when I started going thru the PhpStorm Workshop section on testing. I wish it was more integrated and we didn't have to set so much up but, I am new at testing so I may have came just in time when it got easier :^O


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