Show "Replace in Path" dialogue in PhpStorm 8?

I'm using PhpStorm 8.0.1 (PS-138.2001) and in PhpStorm 7 when I did "Replace in Path" (CTRL+SHIFT+R) after I searched I'd be presented with a dialogue where it would jump to each file in the result and allow me to Replace All in File, Replace Selected, etc. Now that seems to be gone and I don't see a way to re-enable it, instead I'm stuck with the occurance/find tool window (if that's what it's called), and here when I "Replace Selected" it collapses all the results and I lose my place, which makes it even more irritating.

Is there a way to get the old dialogue back? If not, is there a way to keep the results from collapsing every time one clicks "Replace Selected"?

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