Lastest Firefox update broke JavaScript Debugging


I'm and instructor that uses PhpStorm for my students under an accedmic license, been using PhpStorm for 2+ years

A while ago the ability to use Chome for JavaScript debugging broke, here is a thread I found on that

Yesterday, Firefox updated to 34.0b1 ( I have automatic updates set on ) and I stumbled onto the fact no there is now NO browser  that works with PhpStorm 6.0.1 for debugging. I verified by going to Mozilla archives and reintanlled the older version

This is a heads up ... based on the response from when Chrome updated, I don't expect a response on Firefox now is broken, but wanted to post this looking for help.

I've turn off updates, not sure what to do about my classes, maybe its time to start using Eclipse?

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Please follow for updates.
Hopefully the issue will be fixed soon.

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Thank you for verifying the issue.

I hope JetBrains realizes the importance of this. If they don't fix it, I'll have to ditch PhpStorm and rebuild my classes to use another product. Happening midterm is a big deal for me and my students


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