No global breakpoint

Hi All

I'am a little confused. I use phpstorm 8 and try to set a breakpoint in my local library code.
The web app itself is running perfekt. php path is set. Step into the code with the debugger
is working. Setting a breakpoint in zendframework library is working perfekt but if i do the same
in my library code it won't stop.

Enviroment: Zendserver 7 PHP 5.4.29
PHP Storm latest EAP 8
External libraries set in Project (zendframwork & my own php library code)
no mappings because everything is local and no symlinks are used.

Pls HELP....

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I AM STUPID AND WILL WRITE THIS 100 TIMES.................................

I love Phpstorm....

The namespace I used was for example  MyLib\MyClass the directory where I put the file
was mylib. So phpstorm wasn't able to see the file because of capital letter...

not to answer my request.....


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