Sharing Default Code Style within Team


I want to make shure that everyone in the team uses the same code style across projects. (Now and in the future)
So I create an own codestyle file and found the xml in the .WebIde80/config/codestyle Dir.
How do I set this codestyle as default (instead of the delivered "default") for every current and new project?

I send this xml file to my colleagues and they copied it into the local codestyle dir, but they also have to choose it manually at every current and new projects!
That's not really what I want, because I like to force them to actually use it on every project.

Any hints?


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Hi there,

Code style is a project-level setting which means that you cannot affect existing projects if they use different style (unless you directly alter project config files manually).

But for future new projects you can use "File | Default Settings..." and set it there.

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Thank you Andriy that's already something that helps.


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