Custom Tabs size per file

I seems I've already asked this before.

Why jetbrains IDE has not ability to change Tab size (amount of spaced in tab) per file? For example online code editor on automatically determines and allows to change Tab size. This is needed when you work other's code whos authors have another conventions. Jetbrains event doesn't allow to have this settings per project.

Is it worth to create an issue in tracker for this?


Hi there,

Jetbrains event doesn't allow to have this settings per project.

Code style settings can be set per project (that's if you store it as part of the project (Settings | Code Style | "Manage" button | "Project" entry) and not globally/IDE-wide)

P.S. Editorconfig files (via corresponding plugin) supports such setting on per-directory level (I'm not using it .. so cannot tell how good it is and if it actually works as intended).

The most closest thing I could find (the most suitable, I'd say) is this one: . It's not per file.. but close (resolving this may cover per-file as well).

In any case: v8.0.2 EAP build has "Detect and use existing file indents for editing" option in code style ("General" tab) -- see if it will work well for you (for me it converted all tabs to spaces -- possibly because it saw spaces in PHPDoc comments which are on the top of the file and this is what IDE sees first).


Thanks, but  what about an option of changing amount of tab size for current file (so that editor would also reformat current file according to this option)? For example in lower right conner where one can select separator (CRLF), Encoding.. Some other editors have such feature.


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