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I really like phpstorm but how can I share project deployment, datasource and debug settings.
I know .idea and did copy some files like deployment.xml etc to my other computer
but that won't work.

The reason is I have two identical Mac setups one iMac and one Macbook Pro.
Same folder structur same zend server infrastructure and I really hate it to
setup the project twice. I have a lot of debug settings and really large deployment

Any solution on that ??

Best regards

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Hi there,

debug settings

I believe they are stored in workspace.xml which saves user/machine specific settings and therefore is not meant to be shared (especially via VCS).

But if you have the same folder structure on both Macs (i.e. project and other project-related tools/files are located at the same paths) .. then you can easily copy it between your computers (I do: between work and home PC; usernames are different .. but the rest is basically identical in this regard -- I copy whole project including .idea subfolder). If some paths are actually different, then you can use Path Variables functionality to help here.


If you have created datasource on a project level, then just copy corresponding files. Otherwise (IDE-wide level) they are stored together with IDE-wide settings: Directories used by the IDE to store settings, caches, plugins and logs

project deployment

That's a bit different.

On project level you only have project specific settings (like path mappings etc) .. but the actual Deployment login details is considered IDE-wide setting (so you can share the same host/login details between multiple projects) and stored separately.

You will have to copy/sync those settings between 2 Macs manually (e.g. via "File | Export/Import Settings").

The good news: there is no need to really do that: just create the same deployment entry on 2nd computer and IDE should be able to match them by deployment name (in previous (or previous-1) version it was really hard to do that because IDE used unique IDs to match them). To make life easier: create it while project is closed (you can access settings from Welcome screen) otherwise IDE may forget settings as it sees no matching entry on local computer.

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Hi Andriy

tx for your answer.

I'll try and see what will happen.

Best regards


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