perforce integration: many, many, fstats

Hi, I am using Idea 5.0.2 and love using the perforce integration built into it. Unfortunately, it is doing many, many, 'p4 fstat' commands, and we are getting unhappy emails from the folks managing our perforce servers because of the load it is causing.

I turned on logging and ran it for about 30 seconds and see it continuously running fstat, perhaps on every file in the project?

This is starting to become an issue in our company. Is there any thought about making Idea less chatty with the perforce server? Maybe a configuration option in the future?

I also see that it was asking about the same files multiple times. Some sort of caching seems like it could help.

We have been kicking around the idea of doing the caching outside of intellij (if you aren't planning to do it). Can you tell me anything about which parts of the information that come back from 'p4 fstat' are important to intellij? That would help us to figure out if a caching strategy could help this situation.


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