Debug Window Missing

Good morning all,

Last friday I was running some tests, and for some reason I clicked on some option in the Debug/Run window and it dissapeared; I tought it was just "hidden", but looks like the entire feature doesn't even exists.

I spent the weekend trying to restore it by editing the ./idea files but no luck; also google is not helping.  

Could you guys shade some light over here, please.

Thanks in advance.

Here you can see there's no option to show the 'Debug' window :(


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Hi there,

I have no idea (at all) what you have clicked there .. but this is normal situation: the debug tool window is not listed there until created. So.. start debugging and it will appear.

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Yes, the window appears doing that,... so I'll just use it like that... but anyway it's weird to not be able to put the window back.

Thanks Andriy,

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it's weird to not be able to put the window back

What do you mean?

What is the benefit of accessing it outside of debug session (except, maybe, the fact that you can add new or delete existing watches)?

I personally do not remember seeing it there at all. At the same time I have to say that I have never actually looked for it there: I just start debugging and it appears; where it is located when I'm not debugging I do not care (as I do not need it when I'm coding).

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Some times the debug window does not show up even when it hits a break point and clearly storm is started debugging. We really need a way to open tabs regardless of whether or not debugging has started as a remedy for this issue. 

When this happens my only option is to use hotkeys to step through code or to use the Run menu and I can't see any variables.

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I personally never faced such issue myself (Windows 10 OS; using PhpStorm since 0.6 version or so).

Consider reporting this bug (not appearing debug tool window during debug session) to the Issue Tracker .

If you have faced this issue recently and remember when it happened (the time), check idea.log as well for some possible hints (exceptions etc)


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