WebLogic descriptor issue


I have developped a web module in IntelliJ IDEA and I am trying to deploy it on Weblogic 8.1.
The web.xml and weblogic.xml locations are defined in
the 'deployment descriptors' section of my project settings but while trying to debug my application; after connecting to my weblogic server, I keep getting the following error:
<000000>]]> <Error while using app descriptor files
java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\SOME\DIRECTORY missing application.xml and/or weblogic-application.xml descriptors.

Now, SOME\DIRECTORY is actually the directory that contains my exploded directory and my descriptors (web.xml and weblogic.xml) exist in the WEB-INF subfolder of the exploded directory.
But nowhere did I specify they should be searched in SOME\DIRECTORY.

What am I doing wrong?

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