Make Caret move to indented position when using arrow keys automatically?

Say you have opened a file with a block of code:

    echo curl_error ( $ch);
    $info = curl_getinfo($ch);

    fclose($fp) ;


When one scrolls through the file using arrow keys, the caret jumps to the beginning of every empty line.

Is it possible for it to not go at the beginning of the line, but instead go to the indented position ? The way the caret positions itself on pressing enter  (smart keys enabled) ?
Right now I have to press 'end ' everytime I start coding on a new empty line...


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Hi there,

Settings | Editor --> Allow placement of caret after end of line ??

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Thanks! But that's not quite what I am looking for :( , as the suggested option still requires presssing home/end to get the caret at the indented position.

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There is no other way/setting.

Caret moves considering characters that are present there. Empty lines are usually empty (i.e. there is no indent consisting of tabs/spaces; unless you do not strip trailing spaces) and IDE does not have a clue if you want to just move to next line or if you will start typing here (so that it can move caret to the indent).

Imagine situation: what if I just want to move caret few lines down (which will include empty line) and start selection there. With your desired behaviour, caret will most likely end up on the indent level I have to do extra key presses to move it to the start of the line so that whole line gets selected.

I may only suggest to submit Feature Request ticket to the Issue Tracker (but check for existing tickets first here and here -- I believe I have seen such/similar ticket in the past but cannot find it ATM)


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