8.0 Will not exlude folders ?!

I have exluded folders from the project, but they are still visible in the project window, and now searching takes forever.

Upgraded to 8.0 then had to leave work for a while, might have flipped a switch somewhere, all is forgotten now.

Has anyone seen this? Know what little switch I have to hunt down now?

I have re-created the project and still get the same behaviour. So I assume it's a global setting somewhere ?

Exluded folders show in the project list with a light yellow background.

I'd rather have them there for refernce and broswing, but I cannot have storm trying to search them.

Just put it back the way it was. Hate upgrades ;)

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Hi there,

Yes and No -- it's a new feature. Check this ticket for details: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-23537#comment=27-790033

And yes -- you can hide them from Project View -- https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-129233

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Thanks for that. I took twenty minutes out of my day to read every word.
Lots of discussion but I fail to find a concise description of how to migrate.
Which settings will take me back to the way it was?

So when we search now, we have to click the red X on the bottom bar so it will stop indexing the excluded folder and show us results?
Then click on the results pane to dismiss the warnings so we can see the results?
Do I have that right? Excluded folders are always searched anyways?!!  But in a separate step huh?

Can it be this ugly and annoying?

Try clicking that pint-size X with a track bar. Aw crap guys. I search all day long here....

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Which settings will take me back to the way it was?

TBH -- I do not know.

The folders that I'm usually excluding are pretty simple / useless (like DB/site backups; source images etc) and so far I have not noticed any difference for my usual searches.

I may only suggest to ask this question in the actual ticket: much higher chance that corresponding dev will see it and give you some answer (especially since this is an IDE-wide features and such devs rarely visit language-specific product forums).

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Thank you.

You change the product and you don't know how to put it back? You don't know if the old functionality exists?

Post somewhere else (takes another 20 minutes to find it all and get posted) then wait how long for maybe somebody to look there instead of here?


I guss I will be reverting to 7.14 because I have to get my work done. Recreating my projects will take less time than pulling teeth at jetbrains.

Get it together please guys. 8.0 seaching is damaged goods for me. Please tell us which settings will restore previous behaviour.


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