phpstorm 8 buggy "chrome live edit "

I test a website , the http server is launch by phpstorm .
i have 2 chrome browsers ( defualt + canary )  installed  and each has "jetbrain plug in"  installed.
The jetbrain chrome icon is visible but is in disable state : i can't click on the button icon to launch connection !!!
my url test is http://localhost:63343/lyndaphiladelphia/manycss.html
1- any clue ?
2- Is there  a step by step tutorial for liveedit - phpstorm 8  ( only ?)
3- the documentation speak about  nodejs server . Is there another webserver that are supported by  liveedit ( local file:// ? , IIS , CMS ?  )

i see same problem in another post I ll update phpstorm and see if it work !
strange :  phpstorm detect the last EAP version but i can't install it using the phpstorm GUI . I need to install it manually !!


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It is ok with phpstorm 138 -2502

Does phpstorm can be use for go to specific selector  name that is use many time in each @mediaqueries ?
for example is chrome widht browser resize to a specific mediaqueries range , phpstorm know which selector is enable active and help me to go to the definition of the right selector ( the right css file ) without leave phpstom .

As i see the jump to declaration show me 2 css file even i know only one ( even override could occur) is actually use in chrome .
for a selected selector  , does phpstorm can show use all the properties that are enable and fro mthis properties give us a way to access go to the css file where this property is define ( inside the right selector name ) ?


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1. please attach you idea.log, extension console content (, How do I know what's wrong?) and a screencast that shows your steps
2. there are no PHPStorm8-specific tutorials. Steps described in should work in PHPStorm 8. The only thing that has to be noted: make sure to set 'Update' in Settings/Debugger/Live Edit to 'Auto in (ms)' and enable 'Restart if hotswap fails'.
3. Live Edit is not bound to any specific web server.

i see same problem in another post I ll update phpstorm and see if it work !

i don't think it's the same - the issue mentioned there is fixed in PHPStorm 8

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I vote for for support  @media css properties

The first problem is that  phpstorm ignore ( don't show us) css properties ( name value ) and so also selector name when @media wrap css selector   . So phpstorm 8 is not the tool you need if you want create edit  Responsive Design  using original css file .Dreamweaver cs6 ( not cc) has the same behaviour !!!

The second problem is that we don t  see the cascasde  of selector  using the phpstorm gui !!
we need a second column with selector name higlight among  other selector that define the same group of css properties.
IT would be nice to see striketrough when a properties is selected and the selector is show in the right panel . the striketrough should appear inside the selector in the right panel  since now only the enable active properties is shown in the left panel .
show the line number of selector in the css file give no information since  specificity matter !!! does specificity is supported by phpstorm .
The style define in the html tag is also not show in the panel. I make a capture screen to show all the problem.
I don't blame phpstorm team since it is PHP(storm)  but really think productive tool are productive because they focus on details .

i don't know if what i write make sense or not .
I don't know if this problem occur for other css wellknown editor  in 2014 (  sublimetext // MAC textmate expresso coda ). It a shame but i found that Apple has many more quality web tool editor than Microsoft OS )
I already find review of phpstorm for php  but I ll be interest to read/find review of CSS front End designer  that use phpstorm 8 ( workflow ) .

I really like the completion information about CSS version and browser support .


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