Invalid number of arguments error, why?


Sorry, probably missing something obvious, I'm just starting out with Webstorm.

The builtin error checking is telling me I have this error whenever I use jQuery:
Invalid number of arguments, expected 0

The line of code might look like this:

I've added jQuery as a library, but that doesn't seem to be getting rid of these.  Anyone run into this or know of a workaround?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi there,

1) IDE and version used?
2) jQuery version used?
3) Have you added both Release (minified) and Debug (normal) versions of it to the Library?

I remember having it in the past -- but now it seems to be OK (have not touched JS for the last few months though -- just checked existing project)

My settings for that project if that matters (using PhpStorm v8.0.2):

Two jQuery versions because of (not sure if it's still the cease here -- just when actively working on this project it helped to bypass that issue).

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Hey Andriy,

Thanks.  I'm using:
-Webstorm 8.0.4
- jQuery 1.7.1
- Both release and minified jQuery

But I just tried addinga vanilla project and only adding jQuery and things are working correctly.  So must some conflict with the other libraries I have loaded for my real project.

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That is possible.

Please also check if you do not use any other library that uses $ (mootools?)


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