Spanish dictionary when coding PHP


I´m developing a website wich use spanish language. So I have a lot of strings written in Spanish and the Spelling give me errors when analyze de code. I´m looking for suggestions to include a Spanish dictionary in PhpStorm. Any suggestion please?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Andryv and Elena. I try all the steps. Download the dictionary, convert to utf-8, add to Dictionaries, restart PHPStorm and it does not work. Perhaps I´m missing something but I can´t find what.

I attach the file and screenshot, perhaps you can find the issue.

Thanks in advance. Please let me know.

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1) Did you looked into converted file? It's a mess -- one big line with Chinese symbols in my Notepad++

You must have been converting it wrong.

2) I do not speak Spanish at all -- can you please provide some examples to check (few short sentences -- different kind of words).

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Yes! I just checked after send it. Right now I convert using PhpStorm Editor, convert to UTF-8 (a new one file) and remove BOM. Looks fine now and I think it´s working. Thanks Andriy!


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