How to know when PHPStorm individual discount/coupon is available?

I'm retired and don't really NEED a web dev IDE. But I'm bored and would like to putter around, learn AngularJS and blah blah. I've been using EAP versions, but that doesn't seem right. Being on SOC SEC now, though, paying full price for an individual copy when cheaper options and coupons are sometimes available doesn't seem smart either.

I've tried randomly checking and searching coupon sites, but to no avail. My timing always sucks.

How does one reliably know when a PHPStorm coupon for an individual license pops up?


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Hi there,

They do not advertise this in advance, never.

But quite often they do have discounts on Christmas period (1 week or so).

You may follow them on Twitter -- they do announce such stuff there when it started.


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