Is there a way to speed up Code Assist in PHP Storm?


I am used to close-to-immediate Code Assist from another IDE and I am a bit uneasy that PHP Storm offers code assist on new scopes after about 1 second after I stop typing. This kinda renders code completion with tab unusable, because I have to wait 1 second every time till the Code Assist kicks in and it is mostly much faster to write the whole function name.

As an example, I was trying that on a simple "console.log" function Code Assist in both CoffeeScript and JavaScript. I wrote "c" and had to wait 1 second then after writing "console." I had to wait another 1 second. Please note, that the 1 second delay was both after I started to type "console" and "log". This is really 1 second delay for each part of the scope and it is a real bummer when it adds up for longer scopes.

Is there a way to speed this up? Is this a bug/behavior or am I doing something wrong? I've found some settings in Preferences but none of those seemed to have no impact on Code Assist initial speed.

Any help on how to speed the Code Assist up is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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