Jasmine 2.0 methods not recognized by Webstorm 8

Hi all!

We have just upgraded karma-jasmine to the newest version (npm install karma-jasmine@2_0 --save-dev).
It now uses Jasmine 2.0.

However, Webstorm does not seem to recognize Jasmine 2.0 methods anymore (e.g. "describe", "it", "spyOn" etc.).

Jasmine is correctly defined as a JavaScript Library in Webstorm. I think the problem is that Jasmine 2.0 does not define its functions globally anymore. Back in 1.3 "beforeEach" looked like this in jasmine.js:

var beforeEach = function(beforeEachFunction) {

In 2.0 beforeEach is defined like this:

this.beforeEach = function(beforeEachFunction) {

Does anyone have a solution how I could get Webstorm 8 to recognize Jasmine 2.0 syntax?
Or maybe how I could force Webstorm Inspection to ignore certain globals such as "describe" or "it" (e.g. the same way I can get JSHint to ignore certain globals)?

Cheers Michael

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The easiest way to get rid of these errors is using Jasmine TypeScript stubs for type hinting/completion in WebStorm (instead of using actual jasmine 2.0 library).
Settings/javascript/Libraries,  press Download.., choose 'Typescript community stubs' in the combobox,  then select 'jasmine' in the libraries list and press 'download and  install'.

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Hi Elena

It worked! Thanks a lot.



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