Favorites view: bug?

I'm not getting how Favorites work. I've added a few classes but the buttons like "Flatten middle packages", "Compact empty middle packages" do not work. In fact, no packages are displayed (a path to the file is displayed in the brackets)

F1 button for Favorites does not display any help..

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As it turned out, form a Project view the packages can be added to Favorites, and only for them these buttons are working (plus Show Members). If the file was added form the editors's pop-up menu, nothing works. Is it supposed to be like that?

For a classes that are not in the project (e.g. library source) - it would be nice to group them by directory/library name/package inside the library etc.

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now it is an intended behaviour.
Am i right that you suggest to thin out directions in favorites view opposite to current solution? Could you please provide a simple test case for it. I use favorites in quite different way. I just put a separate piece of work in separate favorite lists. And in one list i want all content of all directories. What do you think?
Thank you.


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