It would be great if you could copy and paste your descriptions into the
newsgroup posts rather than referring everyone to your blog. It
shouldn't be much work and it would be much easier for everyone else to
see what's going on, to quote what you've written, and so on, without
having to switch back and forth between the newsreader and a web browser.


As you want, I post it here:

I have a Sketch.java file in folder chap08, it includes a public class Sketch and some none public class (SketchFrame, SketchPanel).

When I try to move these classes to package chap09, IntelliJ IDEA only can move class Sketch and SketchFrame. I saw that it still exists Sketch.java file in folder chap08 but it contains only class SketchPanel.

If I try to move class SketchPanel to package chap09, it shows an error "Sketch.java already exists in chap09" or something like that. I think that problem takes place 'cause the order in moving file of refactoring process is not correct. Stupid bug!

And I don't understand while in Project tab of Project pane, it shows class name, not file name. Please let the Package pane do it only!!!


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