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I am a new user to PhpStorm and started using it for my new job

I have an issue i couldn't solve by myself with research.

I have configured  the server i'm uploading my files to.

On manual upload everything is OK. Meaning the server configuration is ok. Every change i make on my local files, if i mannualy upload it, i can see the result.
The server i upload to is set as default and the trigger on uploading the files is set to "always". Yet phpStorm doesn't autmoatically upload the files i change to the server.

Any ideeas on what i may have configured wrong ?

Thank you.

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Update :

My superior asked me to install Google Remote Desktop to help me fix this issue.

He then proceded to change the Opeerations logings under Deployment->Options from "Errors  only" to "Details". It worked. I changed back to "Errors only" and now works as well.
Consider this thread closed and develop team can check up on that. Ty everyone and have a nice day 


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